Hearing Aids

M C Hearing offers a full assessment of your hearing and ear health.   Your individual needs and preferences will be addressed with possible solutions by working with a range of Hearing device manufacturers you can choose several options that will meet your hearing needs including; small, discreet, invisible, rechargeable, remote controls, TV aids, and many more options.


Living with hearing impairment, even a mild degree is hard work, it requires increased effort and concentration on the hearing-impaired individual and can provide great frustration for the ‘other’ person.  Communication is a vital part of our lives, maintenance of independence and for social interaction.  When it becomes difficult and the effort is too great it can be the easy option to ‘not bother’ unfortunately this can lead to isolation as the individual withdraws from social interaction.


M C hearing we will do everything possible with the latest technology, advice and care to be able to meet your needs enabling you to participate in the everyday and social activities that are important to you as fully as possible.


Free assessments and ongoing care, including wax removal is included if you purchase hearing devices.  You may need to come back for several follow ups as you adjust to wearing your new devices, this can be normal and is encouraged so you get the optimum fitting.



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