Ear Wax Removal

Expert Microsuction Ear Wax Removal by Registered Clinical Audiologists in Devon

Experience the effectiveness of Microsuction Ear Wax Removal with our skilled and fully-trained Clinical Audiologists, Maggie and Kathy. We provide a gentle, safe and prompt solution to address your ear wax removal needs and enhance your auditory well-being.

The Microsuction Technique

Microsuction, our preferred method for wax removal, involves an in-depth examination of the ear canal using binaural microscope loupe glasses. With precision and care, our experienced team uses a fine, low-pressure suction device to ensure the safe and painless removal of wax, offering quick and efficient resolution.

Patient-Centric Care

Prior to the procedure, we prioritise your well-being by conducting a thorough review of your medical history. Our team provides a comprehensive explanation of the microsuction process, discussing the benefits and potential risks, ensuring your complete understanding, and obtaining your agreement before proceeding.

Optimal Results, Transparent Costs

While most cases allow for same-day wax removal, occasionally pre-treatment with oil may be recommended for optimal results. If for any reason wax cannot be removed, no charges will apply. Our commitment to transparency extends to our costs for microsuction wax removal:

  • One ear: £50
  • Two ears: £65

Wax Removal Inclusive in Hearing Aid Care

For those purchasing hearing aids, we automatically include our wax removal service, offering a comprehensive care package for your auditory needs.

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Convenient Home Visits Available

For your convenience, we provide home visits at an extra charge, bringing our ear wax removal service directly to your doorstep.

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