Ear Wax Removal

  • Safe
  • Gentle
  • Quick
  • Microsuction technique


Maggie and Kathy are experienced, registered Clinical Audiologists who are fully trained to remove wax using this technique.


Microsuction involves detailed examination of the ear canal using binaural microscope loupes glasses.  Then very gently and carefully using a fine low-pressure suction device the wax will be removed safely and painlessly.


A relevant medical history will be taken, full explanation of the process including any possible risks will be covered and discussed fully before you agree to the procedure.


In most cases the wax will be removed on the day, but sometimes it is recommended to use some oil to soften the wax prior to microsuction and you will be advised regarding this.  You will not be charged if the wax cannot be removed.


Wax removal is included in your package of care if you purchase hearing aids.


Costs for wax removal with Microsuction:


  • One ear £40
  • Two ears £60


Home visits are available at and extra cost to the above depending on the area


All major Credit/Debit cards accepted